Sustainable Business and Technology at Targus


Protection is at the heart of everything we do at​ Targus. From protecting technology, workspaces​ and well-being, to protecting the world we live​ in, we understand that we have a responsibility​ when it comes to people and the planet.

During our April Tech Talk webinar, our sustainability experts, Dave Brown, Director of Marketing, Targus Europe, and Andrew Corkill, Vice President, Global Marketing & eCommerce, discussed the steps Targus is taking to help protect the environment and how its sustainable product portfolio also helps other businesses meet their own sustainability goals.

Watch the session on demand to see what you missed and read on for the key highlights.

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Sustainability in America: According to our 2023 Empower Your Life Study – a workplace survey among 1,000 senior business decision makers and 6,000 office workers across Europe and North America – more than any other region, the US sees sustainability as a motivation for where people choose to work. An overwhelming number of top-level decision makers stated that sustainability initiatives have a positive impact on employee recruitment (95%) and retention (94%). Also, according to the study, the US is number one across North America and Europe for prioritizing products that last, with 72% agreeing that they buy fewer fast fashion products and invest in long-lasting products.

What Sustainability Means at Targus: Targus recently released its first Global Sustainability Report to outline the sustainability approach and actions it continues to take as a business to have a positive and measurable impact on the planet. Examples of this include through its product innovation and creating quality products that are made to last, creating tangible change by aligning its sustainability goals to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and achieving important certifications to demonstrate how it is walking the walk towards realizing its sustainability mission.

EcoSmart Portfolio Highlights: Targus began using recycled plastic bottles in its eco-friendly laptop bags in 2008 with the launch of its EcoSmart® line and has recently expanded the use of recycled plastics to its tech accessories. Since the beginning of this journey, the use of recycled plastic in Targus products has saved over 1,000,000 lbs. of CO2 (compared to virgin plastic)*.

Targus strives to be a force for positive change. With a clear focus on putting people and planet first, we are on a mission to make sustainability part of our DNA: to reduce the impact on our planet, improve sustainability in our day-to-day activities, and to develop circularity, from sourcing and packaging to distribution and partnerships, and beyond.
*Source: Comparative Global Warming Potential research by the Association of Plastic Recyclers